Uzumaku [渦巻く] (Swirling) is a free style martial which has both internal and external attack styles. A user of the Uzumaku style uses creativity as the core of their fighting style as opposed to other martial arts which use specific moves.

Fighting principlesEdit

  • 想像力 (Souzouryoku) meaning 'Creativity', is the sole priniciple of Uzumaku and teaches, whilst in a fight instead of selecting the most appropiate move, one should essentially create a move to attack/defend which fits perfectly with the situation.
  • 影響 (Eikyou) meaning 'Influence', is a secondary principle, teaching that in order to create effective moves, one must observe other fighting styles from around the world in order to learn how to create moves that are more effective. And, influence is good for creativity.


These principles give birth to the fact that everyone who practices the art has relative individuality in their style. And people can be influenced by more internal arts like Tai Chi or more external like Karate or have a mixture of both, making this a diverse art.