Kuk Sool Won
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Also called Kuk Sool
Country of origin Korea
Parent arts Taekyyeon

Kuk Sool Won is a Korean martial arts system, founded in 1958 by grandmaster Suh In-Hyuk. Many practitioners do not think of it as a single martial art, but rather as study of different traditional Korean martial arts. The main philosophy of the art, as stated by Suh In-Hyuk is to "Integrate and explore the entire spectrum of established traditional Korean martial arts, body conditioning techniques, mental development, and weapons training."

Characteristics and techniquesEdit

Kuk Sool Won is recognizable by its fluid, dynamic motions and low stances. It is considered a hard-soft style, including forceful strikes as well as circular motions. Kuk Sool Won techniques include, but are not limited to: