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Also called Pugilism, English boxing, Western boxing
Country of origin United Kingdom
Focus Punching, Striking

Boxing is a sport/martial art that originated in the United Kingdom. It most known for its strong punches, footwork, intense training and combos.


Boxing is a combat sport in which the opponents are only allowed to punch with gloves on. While it has its roots in ancient Greece, the version of the sport we know began in the United Kingdom in the 1700s. Two people wearing protective equipment fight by throwing punches to each other for an amount of time.


Boxing first formally appeared in the 23rd Olympiad (688 BCE). The earliest visual evidence for boxing appears in Sumerian carvings from 3000 BCE. Ancient boxing includes a simple band supporting the wrist; the earliest evidence of the use of gloves or hand coverings in boxing is a carved vase from Minoan Crete in 1500 BCE, that shows helmeted boxers wearing a stiff plate strapped to the fist.


There are different styles in boxing. These are few of the qualified styles:

Moves, Punches and Stances[]

Punches Description
Jab A straight punch with your nondominant hand, which is used to set up stronger punches and combos.
Cross A strong, straight punch with your dominant hand that can knockout your opponent. This punch is mostly used after throwing a jab.
Hook It is a very strong side punch which is mostly used to knockout your opponent. This punch is very useful after throwing a jab and cross punch.
Uppercut This is a punch that is thrown at the jaw of your opponent. It is most powerful punch among the four types and it is usually set up with a jab, cross and hook.

These are the main stances in boxing:

Stances Description
Orthodox This is most common stance in boxing and is used by dominant right-hand boxers. The left hand and foot is in front of the right hand and foot.
Southpaw A stance that is the opposite of the Orthodox stance. It is used by dominant left-hand boxers. The right hand and foot is in front of the left hand and foot.
Crouch It is a stance wherein you crouch partially, lean a bit forward and balance by keeping your feet close together.
Upright Similar to the Orthodox stance but the heels of the feet are both raised.

Moves in Boxing:

Moves Description
Slip It is a very useful head movement to defend yourself against a punch coming from your opponent. Doing a slip can help you set up a counter punch to your opponent.
Roll This is an effective move to protect yourself from punches, mostly hooks, from your opponent.

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